Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sanyo Aircon

Sanyo is 1 of the major brands in Japan which was founded decades ago, 1947 to be exact, and was once a member of the Fortune Global 500. We all know product quality is very important, and Japan companies really focus to achieve high standards and to even further improve on them. No doubt Sanyo Aircons are such products, with their Air Con Inverter Fancoil where some model like SAP-KRV96GDS has amazing features such as LED Sterilisation (GDS model only), Anti-Mold Filter, Economy Mode and so much more.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Aircon Chemical Wash

Weather is always so hot and humid here in Singapore, and having a cold air-conditioned room to come home to, is one of the best ways to escape the relentless heat. As you finally reached home, and start to turn on the aircon, then suddenly you come to a terrible realization. It is not as cold as before, even though you’ve bought it not long ago. It could be that you didn’t really maintain your unit properly, giving it the proper care that it deserves such as a chemical wash.