Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sanyo Aircon

Sanyo is 1 of the major brands in Japan which was founded decades ago, 1947 to be exact, and was once a member of the Fortune Global 500. We all know product quality is very important, and Japan companies really focus to achieve high standards and to even further improve on them. No doubt Sanyo Aircons are such products, with their Air Con Inverter Fancoil where some model like SAP-KRV96GDS has amazing features such as LED Sterilisation (GDS model only), Anti-Mold Filter, Economy Mode and so much more.

Sanyo Air Con Inverter Fancoil (LED Sterilisation) SAP-KRV96GDS

With a capacity of 9,000 BTU/H, it has many features such as Anti-Mold Filter, Economy Mode, Automatic Fan Operation and more.

Other Models

There are also Sanyo Aircon Ceiling Cassette Fancoil, if you require a more powerful unit for a big space. Just to name a few of the models, SPW-X123GS, SPW-X183GS, etc…

Sanyo Aircon Ceiling Cassette Fancoil SPW-X123GS

More details and features about Sanyo Aircon Ceiling Cassette Fancoil SPW-X123GS, it has a capacity of 12,000 BTU/h, it has energy saving design, a unique features like air flap curvatures which are enlarged and spacing system that will help to reduce noise as well as to increase the air volume. Not to mention it has improved corrosion resistance and C-type Heat Exchanger. It is a powerful system.

Sanyo Aircon Ceiling Cassette Fancoil SPW-X183GS

For this model, this Sanyo Aircon Ceiling Cassette has similar features as SPW-X123GS but more powerful as the capacity is 17,600 BTU/h, suitable for a bigger room. With a powerful start function, your room or office will be cooling in no time.

Sanyo Mini Splits System

Sanyo mini splits system units have superb advantages such as their relatively smaller size and thus the flexibility to zoning temperatures at various rooms in your home. It is usually quite easy to install and doesn’t really make a hassle as most of the time it only requires a 3-inch hole to connect between indoor and outdoor units. Of course, there are also various types of connecting conduits so it is easier to accommodate your room requirements. There are many ways for you to integrate these mini-splits units when compared to older models/systems, such as suspending the indoor handlers onto the ceiling, or maybe flush them on a drop ceiling, or also you can simply hug them onto a wall, the options makes it truly flexible especially if you want your ac units to blend in well into your room or house décor or interior designs. Take a look at the video below to find out more.

Of course like all systems, there are bound to have flaws or disadvantages such as if the unit is located incorrectly in a room, most likely it will not be efficient thus waste loads of energy and not being able to give the required temperature which you have selected. As it requires specific expertise, you may not be able to find qualified professionals to service or maintain this type of mini splits system. And so you need to weigh both the pros and cons, it best to seek advice from a qualified professional so that he/she can analyze and provide you with a proper solution. 

Sanyo Aircon Servicing and Chemical Wash

Sanyo Aircon maybe 1 of the best brands out in the market but it still requires proper care and maintenance. And so you shouldn’t neglect frequent aircon servicing, as well as aircon chemical wash. Due to neglect, your aircon units will have accumulative dust and even algae, not only it makes your aircon units not cost-efficient, it may affect your health due to the unclean air. Not to mention, it may also affect not only you but also your family and loved ones, and your employees or co-workers in an office or workplace. During the servicing, they may do some gas top-up and check for any errors or if there are parts which require repairs. 

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