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Mitsubishi Aircon Service and Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was created on 15th January 2019 and currently it is a Japanese multinational electrical and electronics equipment manufacturer where their HQ is located in Tokyo. Mitsubishi is not just a big brand in Japan but is also recognized worldwide, with their high quality and amazing consumer electronics products, in the commercial world, they are a major producer of photovoltaic panels as well. And one of their core products will be their Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems which are been used by residential owners and commercial spaces.

Mitsubishi Aircon Residential

Mitsubishi is one of the trusted brands in Singapore where residential owners will consider before buying. Below are just some of the models it has currently.

Under their Single Split Inverter R410A (2 to 4 Ticks)

Under this Single Split Inverter R410A, there is Starmex MSY GE Series Wall Mounted Type which their inverter technology is able to adjust its’ capacity accordingly to certain conditions such as the temperatures of air between the exterior and interior of the environment, ultimately making your Mitsubishi aircons to run more cost efficiently thus helps you to reduce the utility costs.

Another type will be the Starmex MSY FL Series Wall Mounted, it has amazing features and capabilities as well. It is been built for optimum cooling performance and also designed for operational comfort. It operates quietly without disturbing the residents and giving you a good comfortable sleep. As this system is supported by Mitsubishi Electric's latest technologies, you will be delighted to know that it operates with the aim of energy saving. It also comes with a plethora of features such as 3D i-see Sensor temperature control, and not to forget, Plasma Quad air purification system, which provides you and your loved ones a comfort level you can really enjoy.

Under their Multi-split Inverter R410A

Under this Multi-split Inverter R410A, there is Starmex MSXY FJ Series Wall Mounted Type, a series where the aircon units are incredibly quiet while performing amazingly. It is designed to have a neat installation in small bedrooms as well as with modes such as energy-saving, so to ensure optimal capacity needed for each room. These aircon series have garnered 5 ticks of excellent energy efficiency ratings from NEA (National Environment Agency), which you will be assured that this model/series is one of the most cost-efficient air conditioning systems you will ever need.

There is another type called Starmex EF Series Wall Mounted Type, which is designed to look absolutely beautiful and modern, allowing it to complement almost all of the interior décors of modern homes. You can choose 3 different colours so that it can blend in naturally.

Mitsubishi Aircon Commercial

They are also serving the commercial sectors, providing offices and commercial establishments a comfortable working environment. Below are some models you may want to check out.

Under Mr Slim Inverter R410A

There is the PLY Series Ceiling Cassette Type, the cooling capacity of the indoor units range from 5kW to 11.4 kW, able to provide the optimal coolness to any working environments. Then there is the PEY Series Ceiling-Ducted Type, for buildings which have a minimum ceiling installation space or have a wide range of external static pressure. As this type is thin and ceiling concealed, as well as the improved energy-saving feature which will reduce electricity consumption thus helping your business to reduce operation costs.

Under CITY MULTI VRF Variable Refrigerant Flow

There is the Cassette Type 1 Way throw which is compact as well as light-weight great for limited ceiling space places. And then there is the Cassette Type 4 Way throw, providing you with 72 different air-flow patterns, an ideal aircon solution for places with ceilings up to 4.2m in height. For working environments where it needs to operate in low noise, then Ceiling Concealed Type Low Static Pressure will be particularly suitable for such operational places. Then there’s the Ceiling Suspended Type which is even quieter and easy to maintain. There are many choices to choose from, and it all depends on your requirements.

Mitsubishi Aircon Service

All great companies come with great service for their beloved customers, that is why Mitsubishi aims to be the world-class services providers globally. At their renovated Customer Care & Technical Centre, there are highly trained and professional customer service officers with years of experience, providing their customers with top quality service. There are also qualified technical professionals who are well-trained as well as years of experience in their respective specialized fields. At the Customer Care & Technical Centre, they will provide servicing and repair for your Air Con, Refrigerator, Jet Towel, and Fans. Not to mention, they provide on-site servicing and repair for your aircon units. Even Mitsubishi also recommend that your aircon units should be serviced at least 4 times a year, as this is to ensure good system performance with its life span prolonged too. Some of the services may include aircon chemical wash, so please only engage qualified aircon service providers for servicing and repairs.

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