Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Aircon Promotions

When you are planning to buy an aircon system for your current or new home, you may want to check the internet to see if you can find any online promotions. There are times where you may find great deals which is worthy enough to further spend your time to inquire and confirm if you are getting a good deal out of it. Sometimes, you may not find any promotions online but do not be as you may want to check the retail side by visiting one of the mega stores for electronics such as Courts, as they may have deals or promotions only valid at their stores. Or you can visit Gain City as they seem to be more specialize in selling aircon systems and most likely they may have certain promotions which you may be interested in.

You can also find aircon promotions by reading the newspapers or magazines as they may have flash sales, or holiday sales or even clearance sales. Speaking of holiday sales, usually, they are huge promotions during public holidays such as Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Vesak Day and more. It could be for the whole month or just for that week, so if you could wait for such promotions before purchasing your aircon unless is in a hurry or under tight schedule then you should just grab the best deal as of current. You can check directly with the salesman to either request for a discount before buying that air conditioner or ask them if there are any upcoming promotions. They may be able to advise you and it will depend on you if you could wait for it.

Visiting Electronic fairs, you may find great deals and promotions there too, as every exhibitor are trying their best to bring as many sales as possible during the event period so most likely they are willing to throw in discounts. They may have flash promotions or last day flash sales and more. Do visit one if you have the time.

Aircon Servicing Promotions

If you already have an aircon system been built into your home, and would like to engage professionals to service and maintain these AC units. You may want to find promotions catered to aircon servicing so that you can save money in the long run. Almost the same method, you can visit the website of various Aircon companies in Singapore and see if they have a promotions page. If they have, you may like to visit the promo page and see if there are any promotional servicing packages. Let’s say you have missed it, you can still refer back to their expired promotions and call them up to see if you can still get the same promos.

Like any aircon servicing package and promotions, you need to find out in details on what you are going to get. You may want to consult a friend or a family member who are more experienced so that they could help you to look through the package and promotion details, to make sure that you are not been short-changed. Don’t rush or get pressured by the salesperson hard selling tactics, if it is too much to bear and you feel that you are been pressured to buy immediately, do step back and ask for more time to consider. Taking time to consider may also lead you to find even better promotions but please take note that if it is too good to be true, you will need to be really cautious about it.

Aircon Promotions Recommendations from Friends and Family

You may have friends or loved ones who recently purchase an aircon system at amazing deals, you should check with them and ask for their feedback to see if they are positive. If is positive ratings and the feedbacks are good enough for you, you should ask them for the contact details so that you can try to get the same deal from the same salesperson whom your friends/loved ones have purchased the aircon system or air servicing package at a promotional price. Usually recommendations from good friends and family members are safer but it may not be the best promotional deal.


It will take time to find the best aircon promotion deals out there, but it is worth spending the time, as you are ultimately trying to save money plus still get what you want. Just don’t buy products or services hastily and you should be safe, always look for reviews and positive ratings/feedbacks whether from online sources or from your family and friends. Talking to the salesperson or their support may give you a good idea if the company has good after sales service which is important too.

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