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Air Cooler Singapore

We all know how hot and humid it can get in Singapore, not just in the day, it can be really hot at night too. And sometimes, using fans just won’t be enough to really cool the room, which makes it very uncomfortable especially when you want to take an afternoon nap but you start sweating while you sleep on the bed and it sticks to the bed sheets. Due to the hot and humid weather, people tend to shower more or just hide inside an air-conditioned room but turning the aircon on 24 hours a day can be really costly. Turning on fans may not help as even if you turn up the fan speed, it will just be blowing hot air to you which can be annoying as well. Then there is another option, Air Coolers, which is in a way an alternative to aircon units.

Air Coolers

Getting air cooler as an alternative to fans and even aircon systems, but of course everything has their pros and cons. For example here are some of the advantages and disadvantages when comparing an air cooler to an air conditioner.

The advantages of using an air cooler:

·      The initial cost of buying an air cooler is cheaper than aircon, as the selling price usually starts from and around $100.

·      Air cooler consumes lesser power than an aircon unit when is in operation.

·      There’s no need to install them onto a wall or window as they are usually portable and can be moved around in the room with ease. Saving you from quite a hassle and costs too.

·      Air cooler doesn’t use gas like aircon does, so you don’t need to hire a contractor just to top-up the gas.

·      Usually, the maintenance is easier.

The disadvantages of using an air cooler:

·      If you don’t maintain the air cooler properly, it can become dirty and/or unhygienic quickly as you need to change the water and clean the water pads regularly.

·      It needs water or humidification to cool the room, unlike the aircon system which doesn’t require water to cool the interior of residential space.

·      Air cooler won’t be able to cool the room as cold as an aircon can.

·      Air coolers can’t be precise with the temperature that it is required to cool to.

·      It may not be suitable for people with respiratory disorders and other health issues, so please check with your doctor and seek his/her advice.

Even though Air Coolers are generally cheaper when compared to air-con systems, you will still need to weigh your options before deciding which one is the best choice for your home.

There are some brands to choose from when you think of buying Air Coolers in Singapore.

iFan - PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler IF7850

For this brand and model, it is packed with features and functions such as a remote control with an easy touch panel that allows you to easily control the air cooler. It has 3 fan speed settings to select from, so you can pick the speed which you prefer. It has a strong fan blade and not to mention a mosquito repellent function which comes in really handy at night. The water tank itself can hold up to 9.3 litres of water and you can easily fill it up on your own. The wind speed is up to 760m3 / hr and the water continuous usage is between 10 to 13 hours of use. The unit is quite lightweight as it only weighs about 5.5 kilograms.

You can wash the filter so to ensure clean air quality, and there is also a water level display window where it shows you how much water is remaining. This iFan PowerPac Evaporative Air Cooler IF7850 sure packs with tons of features and functions. The ratings given by customers are positive as well, and the price for this model is about $130.

EuropAce ECO 516Q 5-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler (White)

For this brand and model, it can hold up to 16 litres of water with its’ big water tank capacity. It is also has a built-in Ionizer and a purifier with a thick 60mm honeycomb filter to provide clean and fresh air for you and your family. It has 3 wind modes for you to select, choose either Normal, Natural or Sleep. There are a clear control panel and remote control which you can use them to adjust fan modes as well as the fan speeds. There is also a humidifying function for you to adjust. The air flow volume of this air cooler model is 1,300m3/hr and the air flow distance is 12m/s. Another cool feature will be the safety electricity auto-cut off when the water tank is removed. This is more expensive than the iFan model above which is about $299.

Conclusion of Air Coolers

Air coolers can be a great alternative to fans and even air-con units, but like all buying decisions, you will need to take some time to consider the pros and cons. Even after considering the pros and cons, you should also look for customer reviews and see if there are any positive ratings, feedbacks, and reviews for the model or brand you are interested in. Sometimes, you may want to check with friends who have air coolers at home, and you may want to talk to them and find out about their feedbacks. If you have any questions about the product whether it is a technical or non-technical question, you can try contacting the seller and see how’s his/her response. From there you will know if the service quality is there, and if there is support after you have bought the product from the seller. So take your time, don’t rush and hope you’ll find the “cool” product you are looking for.

Found a video about a portable air cooler unit, you can check it out below:

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