Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Aircon Chemical Wash

Weather is always so hot and humid here in Singapore, and having a cold air-conditioned room to come home to, is one of the best ways to escape the relentless heat. As you finally reached home, and start to turn on the aircon, then suddenly you come to a terrible realization. It is not as cold as before, even though you’ve bought it not long ago. It could be that you didn’t really maintain your unit properly, giving it the proper care that it deserves such as a chemical wash.

Why you need an Aircon Chemical Wash

As time goes by, your aircon units will start to accumulate lots of dirt and sometimes it may even have algae in it, thus blocking the air flow, making your units work even harder and less efficient. The energy consumption increases which increases your electricity bill and yet your rooms don’t get any colder. Worse still, you and your family are inhaling all these unclean air coming out from the AC which is bad for your health.  You may try to clean the outer surface and even the filters but it is still not enough. To have a thorough cleaning solution, will be to do an aircon chemical wash to your units.  Please note that it will involve some chemical cleaners, and require expertise, so please engage professionals to perform an aircon chemical wash to your systems. As only they will know how to dismantle your ac system and clean it properly and thoroughly.

A proper aircon chemical wash will help you remove not just dirt and algae, it will also help to remove build up of oil which can be located at various parts of your aircon units/system. In some cases, chemical washing may even help with water leakage issues, by cleaning the drainage system. It is not just about using chemical-based cleaners, some professionals will even lubricate the fan bearings thus reducing the noise, giving you an undisturbed and good night sleep.

After the various parts of an air-con system are been cleaned with chemicals, such as fan evaporator coil, drain pan and more. The aircon professionals will need to rinse it and dry it properly.  And now your aircon is good as new, giving you the cold and clean air where everyone in your home can enjoy. Protecting you and your loved ones from the outside weather where most of the time is just hot and humid. With a proper chemical wash, it will allow your aircon system to perform more efficiently and saves you energy, ultimately means saving you money. This is why you should schedule aircon chemical washes more than once a year, also not to forget quarterly servicing by aircon technicians.

What is the Aircon Chemical Wash Price?

So now you know some of the benefits of getting your aircon a chemical wash, you must be wondering how much will it cost you.  Well, it really depends on the aircon service company which you will be engaging and what other services you might need. A typical aircon chemical wash may start from about $80 and all the way up to $200 or more. It depends on the packages which the AC company may have, how big is your unit or how many units require to be washed. It is always wise to call and check the prices first, listing them down for comparison sake. See what will be the packages been offered and which company will give you the most value. Of course, going for the cheapest may not be the best choice.

You should also take some time to see if there are any good reviews been given to the aircon servicing companies which you have shortlisted and likely going to engage. You can try asking your friends and other family members to see if there are aircon servicing companies which they can introduce or recommend. As each person have their own budget and a certain level of expectations of quality, so you still need to do a bit more research even though is referred by someone you close to you.

Most likely, the chosen company will most likely be servicing and chemical washing your aircon units/system for quite some time or you may want to sign up with a yearly package due to the savings you may get. That is why you should take your time to select unless is really urgent.

Below are just some of the aircon companies in Singapore:

Company Name: SoCool Pte Ltd
Contact Details: 88554818/ 66318348
Services Provided: Normal Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Aircon Chemical Overhaul, Gas Top-Up, Troubleshooting and more.
Website: https://www.socool.sg
Company Address: 22 Sin Ming Ln, #06-76 Midview City, Singapore 573969

Company Name: Billy Aircon Servicing & Repair Singapore
Contact Details: 9456 0875 / 6846 4587
Services Provided: Aircon Chemical Wash, Aircon Repair, AC Installation, Gas Top-Up, and Commercial Aircon Service.
Website: https://www.billyaircon.com.sg
Company Address: 35 Circuit Rd, Singapore 370035

Company Name: Lemoncool Aircon
Contact Details: 8222 2024
Services Provided: Aircon Servicing , Aircon Chemical Wash, Chemical Overhaul, Aircon Installation, Maintenance Contract and 2nd hand / recon aircon units.
Website: https://www.lemoncool.com.sg
Company Address: 3013 Bedok Industrial Park E #03-2118 S489979

Company Name: iAircon Singapore Air Conditioning Services
Contact Details: 9187 4498
Services Provided: Aircon Servicing, WaterJet & PowerJet Chemical Services, Gas Checking & Topup Service and More.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/iAircon/
Company Address: 60 Paya Lebar Road Paya Lebar Square

Company Name: Cool-Aire - Aircon Servicing Singapore
Contact Details: 9768 0878
Services Provided: Aircon Servicing, Chemical Overhaul, Aircon Chemical Services, General Servicing, Installation, Repair, Maintenance and More.
Website: https://www.coolaire.com.sg
Company Address: 7030 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #09-10, Singapore 569880

Company Name: Jex Aircon Private Limited
Contact Details: 6610 7579 / 9199 9823
Services Provided: Aircon Servicing, Aircon Chemical Wash, Gas Top-Up, Aircon Installations and More.
Website: http://jexaircon.sg
Company Address: 3 Gambas Cres, #06-15 Norbcom 1, Singapore 757088

You should also check with them if they have an air-con servicing packages, as ultimately your units will require servicing, cleaning, and maintenance. This is to ensure your aircon will work cost efficiently and the air is clean as well which if is not clean, may lead to health problems since you may be inhaling dirt, dust and even algae from the system itself. With proper care and frequent maintenance, the ac units may last longer than those which are not properly maintained or not frequently serviced. With an aircon that is working as it should and providing you with that cold chill air, when the weather outside is scorching hot, just thinking about it makes me feel good. I guess I should go turn on my aircon now and enjoy life a bit. Maybe I need to schedule another aircon chemical wash for my units as well.

You can check out the videos below to see how the aircon professionals / contractors do chemical washing for air-con units.


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